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  • What's a Filigree, Anyway?

  • It may not surprise you to learn that we're often asked about the renaissance of our company's name...often someone states with a quizzical look "Exactly what is filigree, anyway?" One refined gentleman (and former mayor I might add) even asked my business partner if she was drunk when she came up w[...]
  • Happy Vintage Anniversary, Farm & Filigree!

  • "To us, Moxie is synonymous with our grandfather. I can't wait to surprise my family with your vintage cooler at our wedding. I know they'll be touched." -Natalie Wu In anticipation of our third anniversary as Farm and Filigree and the start of our fourth year of business, we have a brand new w[...]
  • From Pinterest to Perfecto

  • Pinterest and wedding blogs are great sources of inspiration for many brides-to-be.  We love using Pinterest as an interactive tool in our meetings with brides. It helps us as designers get "inside their heads" and actually see their vision.  It also allows us to post ideas that our bride can co[...]
  • Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.....

  • It's winter....the time of year when we're all craving longer days and a little less darkness.  Mirrors are a fabulous way to add not just drama and interest to your decor, but also some room-brightening, reflective light to the dark corners of any space.  Check out these additions to our mirror[...]
  • Ring in the Old and Make it New!

  • Vintage....just the singular word makes us swoon.  Just why do so many, young and old alike, find all things vintage so irresistible these days? Synonyms of the word aren't held in such high regard - think "old", "used", "worn", and "tattered". Perhaps some of the appeal of vintage arises from th[...]
  • Germany or Bust

  • World travel sounds fun and glamorous until it's your 18-year old daughter who's  "bustin' it" for another country!  As our firstborn prepared to depart for a 7 +month stint abroad with a national mission organization, we wanted to celebrate this milestone with a going away party for friends and[...]