• gold buntings
  • gold buntings with flags

Our gold buntings contain flags in various and sundry but beautifully coordinating fabrics in modern gold and creme prints including stripes, chevrons, and florals. Each has been hand cut with pinking shears and attached to a burlap strand. There are strands with two sizes of flags (large and mini) which look great when paired together to decorate a bare wall behind your dinner buffet or cake table or to trim your table’s edges. String between our vintage wood ladders and add your own photos with mini-clothespins- a fun way to display “growing up” pics of the bride and groom or for adding guest polaroids as your reception plays out! Quantities: 6 120″ long strands of mini flags that are each 5″x 4″ and 10 94″ long strands of large flags that are each 8″x8″.


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