• Burlap-covered chairs
  • Spool table
  • Burlap -covered chairs
  • Beverage station
  • ice cream parlor chairs
  • Liz Grogan Photography

Re-purposing is so in vogue, and these cable spools demonstrate why- their industrial ruggedness is charming when juxtaposed with fine vintage china at a sweetheart table for the new Mr. and Mrs. or use these spool tables to create a unique cake table or beverage station.

Dimensions: 2 that are 27″high and 42.5″ in diameter, 1 that is 28″ high and 40″ in diameter, 1 that is 22″ high and 35″ in diameter, 1 that is 22″ high and 29″ in diameter, 1 that is 19″ high and 23″ in diamter, and 1 that is 17″ high and 31″ in diameter.


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