What’s a Filigree, Anyway?

It may not surprise you to learn that we’re often asked about the renaissance of our company’s name…often someone states with a quizzical look “Exactly what is filigree, anyway?” One refined gentleman (and former mayor I might add) even asked my business partner if she was drunk when she came up with it. Although he asked the question with a smile on his face, I don’t think it could be received as a compliment, but….. we weren’t at all deterred. We both love the name of our company and wouldn’t change it even if the President of the good ‘ole U.S.of A. implied that we should!

anniversary005We planned an event in the recent past that epitomizes the heart behind our business. ” Farm” and “Filigree” meshed at the Cedar Grove Ruritan Club in the booming metropolis of…. (you guessed it!) ….Cedar Grove, to create a one-of-a-kind celebration for a dear couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The cinder-block walled building was transformed with 150 hanging paper lanterns in tiffany blue and gold, since gold is synonymous with any 50th wedding celebration.

anniversary003Larger photos of the couple adorned the walls, including one of the bride in her wedding gown which hung directly beside the hand-stitched dress itself displayed on a vintage dress form.

anniversary008Manzanita branch centerpieces in silver ice buckets and pedestal bowls with flowers adorning their bases highlighted each table, but most enjoyed by guests were the sepia-toned photos of the special couple, from the time they were barefooted children in overalls to their grandparent days, that we hung by ribbon from the branches.

New_1_170The larger manzanita wishing tree in the corner of the room provided a spot for guests to hang their personal well-wishes for the couple of honor before preparing their own take-home box of old-fashioned blue and gold candies displayed in elegant apothecary jars at the candy buffet. Rock candy on wooden sticks never looked so high class!

Elegance doesn’t have to be stuffy and down-home doesn’t mean tasteless. “Farm” and “Filigree” can overlap and intertwine like a man and a woman who have learned to love and last after 50 years together,¬†being more complete and refined when joined than either ever was apart!

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