Hey Y’all

Farm & Filigree began as a venture between 2 friends who love each other and all things vintage.  We’re located in the Hillsborough, NC area (think Mayberry and Opie Taylor), a place where the smell of cut hay is as sweet as the iced tea!  Both of Kristal’s parents grew up in the area, and she spent childhood weekends and summers visiting relatives there.  When she and her husband moved their family to the area, Kayli’s family followed a few years later.

With 7 children between them, the wide open spaces in which they live provide lots of “running around” room for the kiddos , but also space to collect and share the time-worn, well-loved vintage pieces they adore with you!  We would love to add a little whimsy to your next event by re-purposing that perfect vintage piece to suit your exact needs.  Farm and Filigree gives us a place to showcase what fires us up, and we hope to inspire you as well!

make-a-way-partnersFarm and Filigree gives 10% of all proceeds to Make Way Partners, a Christian mission agency committed to going to the most vulnerable and least protected all over the world to end modern slavery and all forms of human trafficking through prevention. Check out their amazing work at www.makewaypartners.org.